Laptop Lifts are easy to install. No tools necessary!
Customer testimonial - “The package instructions and illustrations are clear. I installed the lifts in about 5 minutes. Cool product.”
-- Ralph Gerena via

Just Arrange, Clean and Stick!

Arrange the Laptop Lifts on Your Computer

Two different sizes are provided and they can be used in any combination. It is not necessary to use all of the Laptop Lifts. Six pieces are provided to allow you the flexibility to apply Laptop Lifts to any computer.

  1. Put your laptop upside down on a table or similar flat surface.
  2. Arrange the Laptop Lifts on your computer. Do not place Laptop Lifts over access screws or ventilation ports. Do not expose the adhesive yet.
  3. Put a book or similar flat surface on top of the Laptop Lifts to hold them in place.
  4. Press the book and computer together like a sandwich and turn it over. Confirm that the computer is level, balanced and stable.
Now that you know where you will put them:

Clean the Laptop

Stick the Laptop Lifts in Place

Use your laptop with confidence! You are now protected by Laptop Lifts!


Laptop Lifts should not be cut in most cases. The curved surfaces on the product direct forces of impact back toward the body of the computer. If there is an exposed vertical edge from a cutting the Lifts will pop right off. HOWEVER, if you are careful they can be sliced easily and cleanly with a razor blade. You can do this to place them over access doors: mount/stick the lifts as desired and then carefully slice them vertically with a razor blade where the access doors will need to be opened. You could even wait to do this step until you actually had to open the access door. With a clean slice like this there are no exposed edges to the cut.


Laptop Lifts are Designed to Stay On, So Removal is Permanent!

Hold the Computer Upside Down on Your Lap

Make sure that the computer's top will not get scratched and that you have a surface with some give.

Brace the Computer's Case and Pull Up

Brace the case of your computer with one hand and pull straight up on the Laptop Lift with the other. Hold the case as close as you can to the lift. It is very important to hold the case of your machine so that it does not flex. It is possible to damage internal components if you do not keep the case from flexing at this stage.

Rub the Adhesive Off

Rub the remaining adhesive off using your fingertips. It will ball up and lift itself off.

Clean the Residue

Clean the residue with a lint free cloth lightly dampened with rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol.

That's it!

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