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Many of the problems that a lot of users face with their notebooks can easily be solved by installing a set of these on their notebook. They install very easily and the adhesive does an excellent job of holding them in place, even after repeated times putting the laptop in and out of a backpack ... The Laptop Lifts performed extremely well by securing the notebook, keeping it from sliding around on the desk, and if there was a spill, the laptop would be safe from the puddle...these rubber feet helped drop the temperature on both notebooks tested by a degree under idle and as much as two degrees under load...they certainly help with cooling for a fraction of the cost of a full cooler. Reviewer's Opinion I was very pleased with the benefits provided by having these rubber Laptop Lifts installed on both of my notebooks. The ergonomics for extended typing is much improved upon and typing this review has been a pleasant experience without as much stress on my wrists. The slip resistant feature is extremely nice on my Mac Book, because the factory supplied feet leave much to be desired when it comes to stability on a desk...Chris Adams has come up with a very creative design to help all of us out with ergonomics and security with our notebooks. These feet, priced at $14.99, with shipping already included, are at a great price to have these added features on a notebook. ”

-- Tom Burdak

Laptop Lifts work exactly as advertised. ”

-- Charlie Sorrelr

I received a package of Laptop Lifts for review and I am pleased with them ... The lifts are quite durable ... Laptop Lifts are an economical solution for mobile professionals who want an easier method of ensuring their laptop is able to keep air flowing around it and keep their laptop off any potentially dirty work surfaces. On occasions when I have a lot of documents and gear to pack it can be a little cumbersome to also pack a laptop stand. Using the Laptop Lifts makes it much easier as they provide enough elevation for the laptop to stay cool and clean. Laptop Lifts can also be used on other mobile accessories such as portable hard drives, external floppy or CD/DVD drives - really any gadget you don't want sitting flat on any surface. Packing gear wisely often requires judicious packing and with the Laptop Lifts you don't have to risk putting your laptop in danger of running too hot or ending up in any mess. ”

-- Catherine Roseberry

Falls, spills, the heat of an RV all were potential problems. In fact, several times the MSI Wind netbook almost took a fall from the dinette table because RV vibrations set it into motion. I discovered a simple solution: A few small strips of adhesive-backed silicon stuck to the bottom of the computer. Tacky with the rubbery feel of silicon, they hold the device snug in place. Such is the premise of Laptop Lifts ( ... the new product from Orlando entrepreneur Chris Adams provides a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that silly-simple solution to protecting a PC permanently from some of the perils of laptop computing. ”

-- Jeff Zbar

If you need a quick and simple way to lower your laptop temperatures with the added bonus of keeping your machine safe from local spills then the Laptop Lifts from CJSolvesIT is something I would easily recommend. ”

-- Tomas Ratas

Many of you deploy with personal laptops or use an issue computer for admin or other C4ISR duties. Deployed life is dirty and hot no matter how often you dust or how well the AC is running and chances are good your laptop’s performance will suffer. One way to combat this is to create an airgap between your computer and the table or can do it cheaper, but Laptop Lifts are purpose built. ”
-- editor

If you are looking for a quick, easy and cheap way to keep your laptop cool then the Laptop Lifts are perfect for the job. ”

-- Daniel Chubb
-- Product Reviews News

Use your laptop on the tiniest coffee shop table or airline tray. It won't slip, thanks to the large, soft rubber feet...Laptop Lifts are a set of sturdy, rubbery strips that stick onto the bottom of a portable computer. By elevating a laptop about a quarter-inch off its workspace, the vents underneath get a boost to keep things cool. The rubbery supports also stop it from sliding, guard against scratches and absorb a little shock when you put it on a table ”

-- Stanley A. Miller II -- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

It's important to keep your notebook computer cool. It adds wear and tear to your machine when it gets too hot. I've gone through a few different notebook coolers, and done reviews on each of them. I'm seriously considering a switch to the Laptop Lifts though! ”

-- Chris Pirillo --

As you may know, heat is one of the main enemies of computer hardware. For that reason it is nice to have some external cooling especially in the case of laptops.

These rubber grips, called laptop lifts are one of the handy ways to fight the excessive heat and protect your computer. ”

-- 'tiedemies' --

Laptop Lifts make handling your computer a breeze. A computer can be carried with confidence just by holding the Laptop lift. It is much easier to lift the computer off of the table when it is raised slightly and you can get your fingertips under the body of the machine. ”

-- Staff Writer --

Save Your Laptop (article): Solution 1: Lift It Up. LapTop lifts ... solve your overheating and liquid problems all in one inexpensive solution. ”

-- Ean Golden --

We tested the Laptop Lifts legs out on a 17″ Toshiba, which had something of a staircase-style underside (not flat). The Laptop Lifts legs were very easy to install - peel away the paper protecting the adhesive and stick on...The main result was instant heat relief despite the deceptively low profile of the legs. ”

-- Chief Gadgeteer --

It's an idea we've all had, and which many of us have implemented ad-hoc. In fact, my Airport Extreme is still mounted on pebbles stolen from a desktop zen garden, a measure rendered necessary because I piled books on top of it and it got very hot.

The real genius is, of course, getting down to the job of designing, manufacturing and marketing something useful to people who do not have desktop zen gardens to hand. Hence, the inexpensive Laptop Lifts, which do exactly what you imagine they do. ”

-- Rob Beschizza -- Boing Boing Gadgets

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